Good • Bad • Ugly

I would like to welcome you to the Good • Bad • Ugly Hockey Club.  Our members meet on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to enjoy the great sport of hockey.  Skill levels range from level A to level C.  GBU is a great place to develop and make great hockey memories with a group of competitive and dedicated hockey players.

Gene DiMonte

The “Commish”

Keep out
No Check 
Adult Hockey Club.
Wanted: Members, Subs, and Goalies!

For a Private Weekly Skate.  No walk-in players allowed!  The club’s goal is to provide a fun, friendly and competitive weekly game of No Check Hockey-A, B, C Line Format.   Mandatory line shifts every 2 min, with no definitive periods, continuous play until ice time is up.  Teams are formed randomly each week. 
Time & Place: All Seasons Ice Arena 
Saturday mornings 6:50-8:10 am  30 Skaters;  & Tuesday nights 9-10pm 20 Skaters.

Zero Tolerance.  ALL MEMEBERS & SUBS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN ZERO TOLERANCE CONTRACT, with the club.  If an “unsportsmanlike” incident occurs, on-ice club members will decide immediately if the members involved are allowed to remain in the club.  Members that are voted out by the club will forfeit their jerseys immediately, their skating fee and future club participation privileges.  

Definition of Player Skills: 
A (Advanced) player:  Skates/Stops/Transitions can carry and shoot the puck at full speed with a “Head Up” attitude. Former experience: High School-Club, College, current men’s A or B league.

B (Intermediate) player:  Skates/Stops Forward and Backward well.  Can carry the puck but not at full speed, or with “Head Up” attitude.  Former experience: may have high school experience but is not up to speed, fluid or smooth.

C (Beginner) player:  Learning to Skate and Stick handle.  Does not skate with “Heads Up” attitude.  No  or little previous experience.

GBU Jerseys are available through B&R Sports. Members are required to purchase 1 set of Black and White Jerseys.  Subs are required to wear a black or white Jersey when they play.

Cost: Subs $10/skate, Goalies FREE!

Please contact:  Gene DiMonte,
Member News...

Check out the Tomahawks Hockey Team at USA Disabled Festival in Laurel, Maryland April 2010 provided by Art Swanson.

John Rice and Dan Horvath with the
Stanley Cup at IIC Romeoville

Recently spotted by John Camp this
photo of Art Swanson Tin Man